The most detailed live scores are available for free

Sian Morson

Unfortunately going to the stadium every time that the favorite team of a fan plays is not really possible. In those cases, having access to a good live scores application or website becomes more essential than ever. This is where 777score enters the field. It is a website designed by football fans who also felt that there was no reliable place to follow the scores of different matches when it was not possible to go to the stadium. However, it should be clarified that 777score is not another webpage full of ads that simply has a list of matches. 777score has grown to become a much more integral portal that offers a ton of other features that have managed to attract even the most skeptical football fans out there. Some examples of those characteristics include:

  • A fully customizable alert system.
  • Past scores and statistics dating many seasons back.
  • Future fixtures that can be seen in the time zone of the user.
  • Betting advices and analyses written by experts and collaborators.
As can be seen from this list of fixtures, 777score has grown to become the ultimate destination for every single football fan around the world. From live scores to future fixtures, from alerts that arrive directly at the user inbox to analyses written by experts. Anything that can be imagined about football can be encountered at this place, and the best of all of this, is that it has no cost at all.

Which competitions are covered by 777score?

Many people reading so far might think that these amazing features are limited to the most popular leagues. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, one thing that makes 777score to stand apart from its direct competitors is the fact that it has scores, information and statistics from virtually every single league and tournament taking place anywhere in the world. In other words, every tournament, regardless of its popularity, is treated with the same level of quality by the team who work at 777score. This means that all football fans are welcome to use the services offered by 777score at any moment. In conclusion, there are many live scores websites out there that promise to be the best football webpage on the entire Internet. However, no other portal comes even close to what 777score is capable of offering. This place is the best by every possible metric. It has the best coverage in terms of quantity and quality, it has a multitude of other features to review statistics and data, and it is absolutely free.